WingoCase & Ergonomics

WingoCase & Ergonomics

Aug 09, 2022

As humans, we have always suffered from some version of hand and wrist fatigue. Where once it might have afflicted us in the form of pain from hunting wild Mammoth all day, now it is mostly due to repetitive device use. That's skipping a lot in between. As long as humans have worked with our hands, humans have rubbed their wrists at night with a contorted look on their faces. Now we seek products and resolution for the pain we inflict upon ourselves.

The age of computers continues to introduce new twists on hand and wrist fatigue. In the beginning, it was Carpal tunnel syndrome due to us pecking away on mechanical keyboards. According to American Family Physician carpal tunnel syndrome affects three to six percent of adults. The constant compression of the median nerve causes us pain, numbness and random tingling in our hands and wrist. Once we started to learn about ergonomics, some of those pains went away. With the assistance of hand splints and keeping our wrists straight when typing. 

As the way we use technology has changed, so has our pain associated with it. We may have solved the keyboard problem, but hand and wrist pain persists due to our smartphone and tablet use. We still struggle to find ergonomic ways to hold our devices, instead of them being situated on a desk. Carpal tunnel is just the tip of the hand and wrist pain iceberg. It's harder to adjust our ergonomic positioning when we're holding the devices in our hands. 

The way we've moved from PC use to laptop use to tablets has created extremes in how we handle our devices. We're reclining, walking and talking instead of sitting still in an ergonomic bubble. Our tablets could be propped up on a counter, laying in the grass in front of us or just being held in our hands. Finding a neutral posture to find the sweet ergonomic center can be difficult. That's why accessorizing your tablet with a case that adds ergonomics can be a wrist-saver.

Which is where WingoCase comes in. WingoCase is the first truly ergonomic case designed to protect you and your device. There are plenty of home remedies for alleviating hand and wrist pain. While those are valid, taking a preventative approach by changing how you use your tablet or smartphone is a smarter long-term solution. 

There are a plethora of studies that show the long-term effects of hand and wrist fatigue being less than desirable. Over time, the joints, nerves and muscles wear down. Exponentially so if we're constantly doing damage to them due to incorrect usage of technology. Holding our tablets at weird angles, or not focusing on comfort when using our smartphones for business. How we hold things might not seem like preventive medicine, but ergonomics lead to less pain. 

Wingocase turns your tablet into an ergonomically sound work device. It comfortably sits in your hand (as does the Perch smartphone grip & stand). This distributes the weight of your device evenly, offering a versatile option for holding your tablet in portrait or landscape mode. With WingoCase you aren't gripping your tablet awkwardly while trying to type on the touchscreen. It becomes a cybernetic extension of your arm, allowing your wrist to remain at ease and your hands able to find the most comfortable position for interacting with the screen.

Understanding the risks involved with a daily activity we take for granted can be a tough sell. While the aforementioned three to six percent of us suffering from carpal tunnel might seem like a small amount, many more of us experience preventable hand and wrist pain. This hand and wrist pain compounds and becomes a detriment to even the simplest of activities. Typing becomes a chore. Grabbing things results in joint pain. In extreme cases it can lead to afflictions like osteoporosis and arthritis. 

You have some choices. You can either suffer through your hand and wrist pain, popping Ibuprofen and groaning to your coworkers. You can slap on a wrist brace during waking hours, a symbol of your determination to never really embrace ergonomics. Or you can invest in physical ergonomic products to prevent future damage to your hands and wrists. 

This kind of proactive thinking is what drives WingoCase. The desire to design and build ergonomic products for a mobile technology focused world is apparent in the comfort and versatility of WingoCase and its Perch companion. There’s no reason why we, as technology users, can’t take appropriate steps to protect our hands and wrists from undue stress and damage. 

Many of us have been doing this so long that we can no longer prevent the damage that's already been done. But so many others are just getting started using tablets and smartphones as their primary devices. It's that user that would benefit the most from the ergonomic support offered by WingoCase. Let's work to make sure the future of portable technology users is one without hand and wrist pain.