How To Use The Perch by WingoCase

Step One:

Open the package and clean your desired case with a damp cloth or alcohol swab. Peel back the provided 3M stri p and center as best possible.  

Step Two: 

Center Perch on the device and along the edge as close as possible. Press firmly and hold for 10 seconds around the entire device. 

Step Three: 

Insert your phone and you are all set. Using Perch is fun and easy.  

Using Perch

Once you’ve applied Perch to your device using it is a breeze. Simply fold it out to your desired hand position and slide your fingers in between or on the outside of the curve point. If you’d like to watch something on your phone simply lay your phone down and adjust your viewing angle accordingly. Perch looks good at any angle. Want to get featured online, post a picture of how you use your Perch

Perch has so many uses

Perch not only allows you to hold your phone in a comfortable way it also allows you to watch your favorite shows at any angle.