Life on the go

Life on the go

May 25, 2022

Life is a rush of busy. We are always moving from one place to the next, either for work or pleasure. Right there along with us are our smart, always connected devices. Our phones and tablets, keeping us connected with the world and chugging along. Properly and comfortably protecting those devices gives us one less thing to worry about as we experience life. 

WingoCase was designed for your comfort and daily use. You use your tablet when running errands as a shopping list, providing entertainment for the kids in the car, and at home as a distraction device. Being able to protect and hold it comfortably extends its life exponentially.  

The ergonomic build of WingoCase lends itself well to outdoor use, providing a bit of technology while glamping, or just chilling by the pool. Life doesn’t always have to be so hectic, sometimes we just prefer to relax, with our tablets and a good show in hand. 

Being always on the go, flying here, driving there, our tablets allow us to bring our entertainment and work with us. WingoCase makes it easy to function in portrait or landscape mode, eliminating the constant struggle to prop up your tablet at the perfect angle against the back of a seat. If you prefer to hold your tablet at either orientation, the wings are designed to be ergonomically sound.

With the four wings that can be positioned at any angle, watching a YouTube tutorial while staring into your car engine is a lot less awkward. The wings can be used to prop up your tablet on the top rung of the ladder, so you can use two hands to work instead of fumbling with your phone. 

Life is always pushing us forward so we should pick accessories for our devices that work to protect the technology as much as the parts of us that interact with them. WingoCase isn't just another tablet case, it's a way to physically make your tablet a more complete device that can keep up with your busy life.