Designed to protect you, and your device.

Most cases protect your device. We decided to take it a step further and protect you and your device. WingoCase is designed to make holding your device easier, more comfortable, and less painful.

hardshell case depicting pain in users wrist

Hard-Shell Cases

Hard-Shell Cases are great for protecting your device but require an excessive amount of grip pressure that leads to discomfort, fatigue, and even injury.

sleeve style case depicting pain in users wrist

Sleeve-Style Cases

Sleeve-Style Cases are good for protecting your device, but usually require you to put your wrist in an uncomfortable position that can lead to excessive wrist and forearm pain.

sleeve style case depicting pain in users wrist


WingoCase was designed by a team of engineers and ergonomists with you in mind. The patented wings that deploy from the back of the case enable you to hold your device without having to apply any grip pressure or put your wrist in an awkward position.

More comfort, less pain, potential savings.

Over 460,000 carpal tunnel related operations are performed every year, 47% of which are work related

(National Center for Health Statistics)

WingoCase is a simple but elegant solution to the growing dilemma of how to hold tablet devices without undue effort, strain or fatigue, especially when using only one hand. It represents a valuable ergonomic option for frequent users of mobile devices.

Anthony D. Andre, Ph.D., CPE

Founding Principal, Interface Analysis Associate

Professor, Human Factors & Ergonomics, San Jose State University

Past President, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


The National Center for Health Statistics reported that over 460,000 carpal tunnel related operations are currently being performed every year, and over 47% of which are work related.


Repetitive Strain Injuries are today’s most common and costly occupational health problems; they affect hundreds of thousands of American workers and cost billions of dollars in lost productivity.


Two occupational groups account for more than 70% of all Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cases: technical, sales, and administrative support, and operators, fabricators, and laborers.

Truly comfortable

WingoCase is the most comfortable solution on the market for individuals that experience hand, wrist and forearm pain when holding mobile devices.

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