What makes Wingo unique?

For companies and individuals who use digital devices every day and want to use their device to its fullest potential, Wingo is the digital accessory company that helps adapt devices to better fit the human body, so people can be more productive, creative and comfortable.

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Spending hours on a personal device is how we work, learn and play. So why are they still so hard to hold? Wingo makes devices more comfortable and more useable by designing tablet and phone accessories that make your device kinder to your body, because they fit your body better.

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Be Free to Soar with Wingo

When your personal device feels like a natural extension of your body, you can do anything. Wingo creates the most comfortable and versatile device accessories, so you have unlimited freedom in how you work, play and create.
Whatever you do, be free to soar with Wingo.

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Designed to protect you and your device

Most cases protect your device. We decided to take it a step further and protect you and your device. WingoCase is designed to make holding your device easier, more comfortable, and less painful.

Do more with Wingo.

Premium cases and phone mounts to make your day just a bit more productive.

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The Reviews are In

Simple but elegant

WingoCase is a simple but elegant solution to the growing dilemma of how to hold tablet devices without undue effort, strain or fatigue, especially when using only one hand. It represents a valuable ergonomic option for frequent users of mobile devices.

Anthony D. Andre, Ph.D., CPE

My go to case

I love how well it works with Apple Air display. I can use it as a second monitor while trying to get my work done!

Paul C.

Love it so much

I love my Wingo Case at least until my kids stole my iPad. They love using the wings to prop up the ipad anywhere they go. I'm having to buy a new iPad Air for myself and rest assured I'll be adding a new Wingo

Bryant F.