WingoCase Partners With Orthopedic Outfitters For Medical Distribution

WingoCase Partners With Orthopedic Outfitters For Medical Distribution

Jun 24, 2022

END, Ore., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ambulant Inc., the creators of WingoCase, the tablet and smartphone solution to improve your smartphone and tablet usage while offering superior device protection, announced today that it has partnered with medical distribution retail outfitter Orthopedic Outfitters (OrthOut). This partnership will bring WingoCase and its Perch accessory to an audience focused on the importance of using the right gear to improve your overall ergonomic health.

WingoCase is a team of designers, engineers, and ergonomists dedicated to creating products focused on comfort and ergonomics. WingoCase is the first truly ergonomic case designed to reduce hand fatigue and prevent repetitive stress injuries while taking it a step further to protect you and your device.

"WingoCase was developed with the primary goal of providing relief and support for the growing number of technology users with hand and wrist fatigue," said Sandy Gohres, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing at WingoCase. "Our partnership with Orthopedic Outfitters presents their strong network of health and wellbeing Clinicians, consumers and retail locations with WingoCase's comfortable and functionality sound tablet and phone accessories to a wider audience."

Listed alongside products from companies such as Hely Weber, Incrediwear, CanDo and Therabody, OrthOut will provide the most logical retail home for WingoCase and Perch. As we move into a new era of technology use, our medical health is slipping into disarray. With a tablet in one hand and a smartphone in the other, it's more important than ever to purchase and utilize products that alleviate pain caused by tech use. Those in the medical field are hyper aware of the issues caused by tech use, with smart consumers catching on. WingoCase was made for OrthOut customers.

"Partnering with Orthopedic Outfitters opens new avenues for WingoCase to continue offering education about hand fatigue through the relief delivered by our products," said WingoCase CEO Steve Elwell. "Being part of OrthOut's network of products is an honor and I look forward to a great partnership."

OrthOut customers know what they are looking for. They are looking for innovative and useful products that help their overall health and wellbeing. OrthOut's customer base includes clinicians and consumers at both the retail and advisement level. OrthOut customers want to achieve excellence. Orthopedic Outfitters believes in reaching that excellence by having the highest quality gear and equipment to rely on. Adding WingoCase to its retail selection offers its customers another practical way to improve their health and wellbeing.

"WingoCase is an innovative solution to an all-to-common problem," said OrthOut CEO Jon Dunphy, adding, "It's a great addition to our existing suite of products."

WingoCase knows that ergonomics are important to smartphone and tablet users at an ever-increasing rate. This is why partnering with Orthopedic Outfitters and its decades of experience in the medical retail market will bring WingoCase's commitment to ergonomic tech use to a consumer base that is more than willing to embrace it.

About Ambulant Inc. (WingoCase)

WingoCase is the first hand-held device created with the user in mind and focuses on enhancing comfort by reducing hand, wrist, and forearm pain. Its passion is to bring intelligent design to the tablet experience. The design of the WingoCase has been clinically tested and is taking comfort to a whole new level. To learn more about WingoCase, visit

About Orthopedic Outfitters (OrthOut)

Veteran owned and operated since 1999. The path to personal wellness and recovery is ever constant, with strides being made every day to improve your health. Reliable, top-tier equipment is only the tip of the iceberg. At Orthopedic Outfitters, we know that supplying the gear to push you towards complete wellness is only the beginning. Great supply must come with great support, which is where we shine. Working with both clinicians and consumers for over 20 years, we understand what having great equipment to support your goals truly means. To learn more about OrthOut, visit

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