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Maximizing Tablet Efficiency: Essential Tips and Tricks for Business Use

Aug 16, 2022

Maximizing Tablet Efficiency: Essential Tips and Tricks for Business Use

Tips and tricks for using your tablet for business
As tablets become more advanced and more tech companies are building tablets and supported programs with business users in mind, it's important to know how to utilize your tablet fully for work purposes. Sure, we spend a lot of time with our tablets simply consuming content, but it's becoming more viable these days to also use them to create it. Whether it be complex animations or financial reports, tablets are being used for business more than ever before. Let's take a look at a few helpful, basic tips and tricks for using your tablet for business.

Staying organized
The operating systems and folder structures of tablets are a little bit different than what you are  familiar with on  your PC or laptop. This doesn't mean that it's not manageable, it just means that it's different. Getting familiar with how your tablet organizes saved data will help you keep organized. 

While many of us use cloud storage, if you are using your tablet for business, you might not always be connected to a Wi-Fi signal. Knowing that, it's important to label your folders correctly, create shortcuts to your most important pieces of work or presentations, and routinely clean up your trashed files. Since we tend to use tablets on the go, you'll want to spend less time trying to find things and more time being productive. 

Protect your data
Since you are using your tablet on the go, you'll want to make sure that you protect your data at all times. While the statistical odds of being the subject of corporate espionage are slim to none, you still don't want to leave your tablet unlocked when not in use. Shield your passwords and never log into any secure sites while on public Wi-Fi. 

Another tip is to modify your notifications, so they don't read on the lock screen. Prying eyes are always around, especially in very public places like the airport or hotel lobbies. If you must walk away from your tablet (not recommended),but be sure to lock it with a pattern lock before putting it into your carry bag. Finally, if you are moving up to a new tablet, be sure to factory reset your old one before selling it. 

Protect your tablet
Just as important as protecting your data is protecting the physical state of your tablet. If you are using it for work, then you surely don't want it to crack in half from an accidental drop while trying to catch the elevator. You'll want a tablet case that offers not only solid protection,but is lightweight and ergonomic as well. A multifunctional tablet with the ability to stand in place in portrait or landscape mode is a benefit when giving a presentation or sitting and working. 

Voice typing
One of the great features of portable devices is being able to voice dictate. While this is possible with laptops and PCs using external peripherals, tablets make it much easier to voice type while on the go. Simply hold the tablet and speak out loud. This saves time and energy and makes creating long diatribes a breeze. While not all of us dread plugging away on the keyboard, some of us aren't great typists and find it much more efficient to simply speak what is on our mind rather than type it on a virtual tablet keyboard.

Toggle Wi-Fi
If you aren't using Wi-Fi at the moment, turn it off. This serves two major functions in using your tablet for business. One, it's an extra layer of security against unauthorized Wi-Fi connections and will keep you off unsecured networks. Second, it will save a ton of battery power, enabling you to work longer when an internet connection isn't needed. Honestly, with so many phones these days being 5G capable, when you do need to use Wi-Fi, it's much more secure to set up your phone as a hotspot, rather than connect to some strange hotel Wi-Fi.

Pay attention to ergonomics
Finally, if you are using your tablet for business, you'll want to pay close mind to ergonomics. Carrying your tablet is one thing, using it while it's in your hand for extended periods of time is another. You'll want to find a case that offers an ergonomic solution for holding and carrying your case. This will be easier on your wrists, hands and fingers over time. Using a tablet for business doesn't have to take a toll on your body if you have the right case for the job. 

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