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Introducing the WingoCase Universal Travel Kit

Dec 22, 2023

Introducing the WingoCase Universal Travel Kit

We live in a society. And part of operating in that society is embracing a new level of preparedness. No longer do we just have to check our pockets for our keys and wallet when we leave. Now we have the addition of these handy electronic devices, which come with their own set of demands. When we travel, we carry bags full of accessories intended to satiate the power and connectivity demands of these devices. And you could either buy each cable and connector separately or pick up the succinctly consolidated WingoCase Universal Travel Kit. 

As we enjoy buying things in some sort of combined packaging, the WingoCase Universal Travel Kit is a no-brainer. It has everything you need to support your smartphone or tablet on the go, especially if that go takes you away from your Rubbermaid container of cables, bases, and batteries. This Travel Kit not only considers your power needs, but functional needs as well, with an eye toward ergonomics and ease of use. 

So what's in WingoCase's 14-1 Universal Travel Kit? Well, let's take a quick rundown of all the goodies within this must-have travel accessory. 

All the cables

What do you have? An iPad Air? Google Android? Samsung? A OnePlus 11? How about a standalone drawing tablet? A laptop? Whatever your device, the Travel Kit has the cable you need. There's a USB-C to HDMI cable for screen sharing, a MagSafe charger for both USB-C and Lightning, a Qi Charger for USB-C, and Lightning and USB-C charging cables. 

Multiple charging options

Speaking about charging, aside from the included Qi Charger and MagSafe compatible charger, the Travel Kit includes a dual USB-A and USB-C car charger. It also includes a 20W PD wall charger. This selection of charging devices keeps everything from your Apple Watch to your iPad Pro powered up and ready for business. Or ready for fun. We can't be expected to work all the time.  

International outlet adapters

And if you need some of those charging options to work for you in an entirely different country, then you're in luck with the WingoCase Travel Kit. It includes four different international outlet adapters, so you can plug in and play in any country in the world. Unless that country doesn't have electricity, or it's on the moon. 

Ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse

One of the most stressful parts about traveling with a tablet as your main point of productivity versus a laptop is the lack of peripherals. When you are away from your setup, working can be a bit awkward at times. Well, the WingCase Travel Kit has thought of that, so it includes a wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Both fold in half to fit within the kit, and both are designed to keep your hands, wrists, and arms comfortable while typing. Now all you need is a tablet stand and you are ready to be productive.

A simple tablet stand

If you don't already have a tablet case with an included stand, the Travel Kit comes with a simple folding tablet stand so you can get your work done. This comes in handy when using the wireless keyboard and mouse, keeping things ergonomic and functional. 

Everything included in the WingoCase Universal Travel Kit, in bullet points: 

  • 20W PD Wall Charger
  • USB-A/USB-C Car Charger
  • MagSafe Compatible Charger (Lightning/USB-C)
  • Qi Charger (USB-C)
  • Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard
  • Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
  • International charging adapters (4)
  • HDMI to USB-C convertor
  • Folding tablet stand

Get the WingoCase Universal Travel Kit today

A perfect anytime gift for the frequent traveler, or just something to help calm your own travel anxiety, the WingoCase Universal Travel Kit is one of those best buys you rarely experience these days. Everything in one concise place, like your toiletries kit, except without the faint smell of deodorant all over everything. The WingoCase Universal Travel Kit is available now for $120 at

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