How to protect your tablet on the go

How to protect your tablet on the go

Aug 16, 2022

How to protect your tablet on the go 
Using your tablet while you are on the move means more than just making sure you don't lose it. Whether you are using your tablet for entertainment or for business, you are going to want to take some steps to provide yourself all-around protection. The trick is to remember that protecting your tablet is much more than just slapping on a cheap case, it's a three-pronged approach to full tablet security to put your mind and body at ease.

Physical protection
Sure, you can purchase a cheap, plastic case that might protect your tablet against general knocks against door jambs, or you can invest in something that offers more than just a plastic shell. You use your tablet for everything, including work, so why not protect it as such? 

You'll want to find a case that doesn't just offer superior protection against slams and drops, but offers ergonomic and functional options as well. A case that allows you to prop the tablet up in landscape or portrait mode makes presenting and working much easier. Pair this with the ability to hold the tablet on the go without extra strain on your hands and wrists, and you've got a solid case.

Your tablet case shouldn't just be a protective shell, it should be lightweight and easy to carry, while still being a solid piece of tablet protection. Your tablet should remain lightweight while being also fully protected.

Privacy protection
Tablets aren't like smartphones in the sense that we can just slam them into our pockets when we are done using them. These days, tablets act more as smaller, more portable laptops than smartphones. This means that not only are we consuming more entertainment on them, but we are also using them for business. Making sure they are protected against scammers and data thieves is just as paramount as protecting them against drops. 

There are several things you can do to protect your privacy when using a tablet, especially in a public arena. The first is to never connect to a public, unsecured Wi-Fi network. This is the easiest way for hackers to gain access to your passwords, especially if you are visiting secure sites on an unsecured network. Instead, use your likely 5G-capable phone as a hotspot, or simply purchase a hotspot. This will offer a secure connection as an alternative to public Wi-Fi. 

Additionally, be sure to lock your device with a pattern passcode or something just as complex. It can't hurt to invest in a VPN if you do need to use public networks, and always shield your passwords from prying eyes when entering them.

Your protection
Tablets aren't laptops, so the ergonomics are different. We tend to hold our tablets more than leave them propped up, so a case that delivers comfort through ergonomic support cannot be understated. 

Finding the right case that offers protection, functionality and ergonomics equates to a more comfortable tablet work scenario. The thing to look for in a tablet case being used for both work and play is one that works its ergonomics into its design. This case should be easy to hold, deliver less stress on your hands and wrists, while still being fully functional and protective. 

All these factors together keep you and your tablet protected on the go. If you are traveling for business, or consuming entertainment sitting out in front of a Starbucks, choosing the right case for your tablet is much more than picking the prettiest one, it's searching for the best protection possible.