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Choosing the Right iPad Case: A Buyer's Guide

Dec 01, 2023

Choosing the Right iPad Case: A Buyer's Guide

Tablets, specifically Apple's very popular line of iPad devices, have become integrated into our daily lives. We use these magic rectangles for on-the-go entertainment, as our daily work computers, and to haplessly attempt to take pictures in crowded amphitheaters. And once we've chosen the perfect tablet, spending upwards of an easy $1,000, we will want to protect our investment. That means finding the best iPad case out there. 

There are a billion options when it comes to choosing the right iPad case. Well, perhaps not a billion but entire aisles of cases at the store, or a multitude of web pages at online retailers. The point is, choosing a case comes down to your particular lifestyle needs and how you plan on using your iPad. Also, how likely you are to drop it. For many, that's the only factor when buying a case, preventing expensive repair bills. But if we wanted to break it down, there are four solid factors to consider when purchasing an iPad case. 

  1. Budget

Tablets cost several hundred dollars, with a few exceptions, but you get what you pay for. If you are already spending hundreds on an iPad, and you know that iPad repair isn't cheap, then the cost of a proper case shouldn't matter. But it does. There are cheap $15 cases that provide the bare minimum of protection, then there are cases around $100 that provide strong protection and ergonomic options. 

The trick is to find the type of case that meets your needs, then shop within that filter. This could still mean flipping through dozens of available options, but at least you'll be able to get the case that represents your use cases, rather than just the cheapest one out there. 

  1. Compatibility

What version of iPad do you have? You'll need to figure that out before you purchase a case. It might seem intuitive, but with the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and classic iPad out there it can get a bit confusing at times. Especially when each version may have some slight change in its physical form. For instance, the iPad 9th Gen has a 10.2-inch screen, while the 10th Gen has a 10.9-inch screen. Sometimes the ports change, or the tablets get just a bit thinner. 

So you'll want to ensure your new case is compatible with your current iPad. Check your model number iPad, as well as exact dimensions. You don't want to get the perfect case only to find out it's not the perfect case because it obstructs a port or the power button is misaligned. 

  1. Functionality

iPad cases aren't just cases anymore, not that they really ever were. Sure, there are some simple ones out there and maybe that's all you need, but many cases have much more to offer than just a colorful wrap for your iPad. Plus, some iPad cases offer functional aspects that not only protect your device but enhance its capabilities as well. 

Consider something as simple as standing up your tablet for prolonged viewing. Many cases have stands built right into the case. But that's just the start of what many cases have to offer your iPad. Some cases have pockets and slots for your cash and credit cards, others have connectivity to your iPad to control its sleep functions, while some have a built-in pocket for your Apple Pencil.

  1. Durability

Really, this qualification should be part of the budget section because iPad cases come in several different materials and some are more expensive than others. Silicone and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) are the cheapest types of case. They offer some grip advantages and flexibility, but don't really protect against drops and weather. 

Fabric cases are also fairly cheap and some of the most popular iPad cases because of the color options. However, while often paired with some sort of functionality such as integrated stands, they usually aren't strong enough to protect against physical interactions with the real world. 

Leather cases are the classy, more expensive option for your iPad and do offer some weather protection and durability. Plus, they enhance the overall look and feel of your iPad case. But they aren't plastic. Plastic cases are generally the middle priced option, and the thicker the plastic, the stronger the protection. This is the material you want if you are looking for the most durable and long-lasting case.

Types of iPad cases

Once you've considered all the factors that go into purchasing an iPad case, it's time to find the right type for you. Every type has its own budget, durability, functionality, and compatibility factors but ultimately you'll want the one that meets your lifestyle needs. 

Sleeves or pouch cases are great ways to carry your iPad, keeping it generally protected against scrapes and bumps within your backpack or under your arm. However, these offer only temporary solutions, as you have to remove your iPad from the sleeve to use it. 

Meanwhile, folio cases often have foldable covers that double as a stand, and are great for entertainment value. It's very handy to prop up your iPad for work or viewing. These cases also have some protection value, at least against general weather conditions and simple drops. 

Keyboard cases are obvious, they have keyboards in them. These help create a very functional iPad experience, something akin to using a computer. But they don't really offer much in the way of actual protection. 

Shell cases are a much more durable option that protect the back and sides of your iPad from both incidental damage and weather. Most of them are lightweight and come in a variety of colors and options. But if you want something a bit more durable, with the best level of protection, then the next paragraph is for you. 

Rugged and heavy-duty cases meet your violent tablet use right in the face. Rough handling, drops on concrete, and harsh weather conditions are no match for these rugged cases. Mostly used by trades workers and outdoor enthusiasts, these cases keep the hazards of the world at bay while protecting your iPad. 

Ultimate protection with WingoCase

Wingo offers premium iPad cases for not only the 10th generation iPad, but iPad 9th, 8th, 7th generation, and iPad Air and Mini 4th and 5th generations. WingoCase is a rugged, solid case with no-slip texturing, variable angle stand technology, and four deployable wings. It might not offer all the colorways and Apple Pencil support as some softer cases, but it's the perfect solution to the question of iPad protection, and is available now for under $100.

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