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7 benefits of using a phone stand and grip

Nov 09, 2023

7 benefits of using a phone stand and grip

As advanced as modern smartphones are, at their core they are still rectangles of glass and plastic. While current phone construction results in tiny computers in our hands connecting us to the world, they also tend to be a bit fragile. Susceptible to drops, slips, water damage, and accidental breaks, these smooth communication devices we carry with us everywhere surely benefit from utilizing a proper phone stand and grip. 

Article: Top 5 Reasons Why Use a Phone Stand

Flip phones were the peak of smartphone handling and it's only gone downhill from there. However, design changes from phones of the late 1990s and early 2000s to today have created a healthy secondary market of phone grips and stands. So why should you get a phone stand or grip for your smartphone? Well, here are 7 benefits of complimenting your phone with something to help you hold it. 

  1. Productivity — we often use our phones as reference and work devices, whether we are transcribing an interview or typing up notes. Holding your phone in one hand while trying to type with another offers some logistical challenges. However, when your phone is on a stand (or the stand is attached to your phone), it becomes much easier to use your phone simultaneously with other devices, making you more productive and less annoyed. 
  1. Comfort — the average weight of a smartphone is between 140-170 grams. That doesn't seem like much, but during extended use that can wear on your fingers and wrist. Needless to say, holding a phone at weird angles to watch video physically affects our hands. An ergonomic phone grip eliminates the eventual build-up of tension in your hands and a stand enables viewing without even holding your phone. 
  1. Kitchen help — from following an online recipe to adjusting your cooking playlist, putting your phone on a stand instead of leaving it laying on the counter or in your pocket is a much cleaner option. This is especially true when there's 2000 words to scroll past to get to the recipe. And it's tough to follow a meatball recipe when you have to wash your hands every time you need to dig your phone out. 
  1. Content — cell phone stands and ergonomic grips are a must-have for content creators. Images and videos are steady with a phone stand, and grips make for better selfies as they help keep the camera steady because your hand isn't stressed trying to balance the camera. Many stands designed for content creation can be positioned exactly how you need them, something that's difficult to recreate freehand. 
  1. Safe driving — it should go without saying that you need a phone stand in your car. Whether a MagSafe mount or other type, keeping your phone out of your hands and mounted on a stand is much, much safer. Most states have laws against using your phone while driving, so a phone stand is basically a requirement to use your phone in the car. 
  1. Video calling — with all the convenience of video calling on our phones, there's nothing more annoying than talking to someone whose phone keeps bouncing while they are walking. An ergonomic phone grip helps keep the phone steady while on a video call, and a phone stand frees your hands while on a video call. 
  1. Keeping it clean — finally, with your phone out of your dirty hands, it's going to be that much cleaner. Whether in the kitchen, in the car, walking in a city with air quality issues, a strong grip attached to your phone will keep out dirt and dust because it won't get dropped as much. And a stand on your decidedly messy desk keeps your phone from falling into the void of junk. Clean your desk. 

How to choose the right phone grip or stand

Before purchasing a new phone grip or stand, take a moment to figure out use cases and what type of attachment is best. 

Assess your needs: there are so many types of phone stands and grips on the market that it can be difficult to decide which one is best. The trick is to think about how you use your phone, and where, and pick the stand or grip that matches your phone use activity. 

Determine the attachment: From there you can choose the right type of phone stand or grip. Most of them fall into one of two categories: adhesive or MagSafe. MagSafe stands and grips lock onto any iPhone from iPhone 12 to current, while adhesive ones rely on double sided stickies to hold onto your phone. 

Evaluate positions and angles: Before sticking your phone in a phone stand, choose the right position and angle. Whether it be on your desk or in the car, with adhesives you only get a few tries before the sticky stuff degrades. MagSafe attachments are set in place, and that place never changes. For grips, check where you hold your phone and apply your grip in the most ergonomic position possible. 

Test for stability: Give it a shake, detach your phone from the stand and see if the stand tips over. This is especially imperative with car stands, as factors such as temperature and curved dashboards affect placement.

Stand up your phone with WingoCase

WingoCase's Perch is an ergonomic grip that is not only MagSafe compatible but doubles as a stand. Additionally, you can hang your phone with the Perch, which makes it perfect for reading recipe blogs or watching YouTube videos while fixing your car. Whatever phone grip or stand you choose, the benefits outweigh the consequences of dropping your fragile rectangle of glass and sometimes titanium. 

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