Science & Design
The Wingo Case was created purely with the user in mind. By combining intelligent design and ergonomic science we have developed a mobile accessory that enhances comfort by reducing strain in the hand, wrist, and forearm.

It's all in the Wings

The Wingo's distinctive design is due to the four easily deployable handles/wings which fold out from the back of the case. Each Wing is connected to the case by a hinge with over 180 degrees of freedom, allowing them to be positioned at different angles that increase the comfort and functionality of the device.

Molded Protective Case

Deployable Handles

Harness Connection Points

Smart Ergonomic Design

Easy One Hand Operation

Holding the wingo case is easily done with one hand. By sliding a wing between your thumb and index finger the weight of the tablet will fall against the palm of the hand. Causing little to no strain for the user to operate.

Variable Angle Stand

Deploy a wing on any side of a Wingo Case at 30 degrees and you immediately have a kick stand for your tablet. Capable of holding the tablet at a variety of angles, you can easily change the angle to fit whoever is viewing.

Relaxed Two Handed Posture

For those needing to view their tablet for extended periods just extend a wing on opposite sides of the tablet and slide the wings into both hands. This holding posture is the most relaxed form to hold our case in as the weight will sit against the palm of both hands.