Why Wingo

The Wingo is the first handheld device created with the user in mind and focuses on enhancing tablet comfort by reducing hand, wrist, and forearm pain. Our passion is to bring intelligent design to the user experience. The design of the Wingo has been clinically tested, and is taking comfort to a whole new level! Simply stated… The Wingo Case is the most comfortable case in the world. It’s not just comfortable, it’s scientifically comfortable. Purchase a Wingo today and feel the difference!


Backed by Ergonomic Experts

“I have observed countless users of e-reading devices, such as the iPad, hold the devices for long periods of time with observable awkward postures and pinch grips, both of which are known antecedents of repetitive stress injuries. The Wingo is a simple but elegant solution to the growing dilemma of how to hold tablet devices without undue effort, strain or fatigue, especially when using only one hand. Its “wings” virtually hold onto the user’s hand, negating the need for the user to pinch the device and carry the burden of the weight with the finger tips. I think that it represents a valuable ergonomic option for frequent users of such devices.”

Anthony D. Andre, Ph.D., CPE
Founding Principal, Interface Analysis Associates
Professor, Human Factors & Ergonomics, San Jose State University
Past President, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society