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Wingo in the workforce

Today’s corporate businesses pay over 80 billion annually on hand related medical claims for their employees.   When businesses address the financial impact these claims are causing by implementing an ergonomic strategy they greatly reduce risks and save money.  Businesses that have employees using tablets can potentially save millions of dollars by implementing a strategic ergonomic strategy.  

Repetitive Strain Injuries are today’s most common and costly occupational health problems; they affect hundreds of thousands of American workers and cost billions of dollars in lost productivity (U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA).

Over 460,000 carpal tunnel related operations are performed every year, 47% of which are work related (National Center for Health Statistics).


Reduce Compensation Costs 

reduce medical claimsWith today’s technology constantly evolving, new types of strains and injuries are occurring daily.  Understanding these injuries can benefit your corporation and all its employees by reducing medical-related claims.   Companies that use tablets as their daily equipment could have a huge liability on their hands due to developing hand related injuries from daily use. 

Protect your employees and your business from un-needed medical bills. Most business owners do not consider the long-term effects of these devices on their employee’s wrists and hands.  The Wingo in the workforce can greatly reduce your employee’s hand-related medical claims creating a happier and safer workplace while lowering insurance premium costs due to reduced hand injury claims.

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