Our mission is to create the most comfortable mobile case ever designed.

WingoCase is a team of designers, engineers, and ergonomists dedicated to creating products focused on comfort and ergonomics. We love our wireless devices and we saw our friends and peers holding their devices for longer periods of time everyday. We also noticed that a lot of users started to complain about hand, wrist, and forearm pain as they were holding their devices. With that in mind, we developed WingoCase, the first truly ergonomic case designed to reduce hand fatigue and prevent repetitive stress injuries for mobile device users. Quite simply, WingoCase makes it easier and more comfortable to hold mobile devices.

Founded on scientific principles and advanced ergonomics, the mission at WingoCase is to enhance mobile device comfort while bridging the gap between functional and fashionable design.

Our Team

CEO & Board Member

Steve Elwell

COO, Founder, & Board Member

Cole McGowan

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing

Sandy Gohres

Sr. Director of Sales

Roberto Gonzalez

Chief Development Officer/span>

Maarten Dinger

Sr. Marketing & Sales Executive

Betsy McGowan

The Galten Group - Product Development Executive

Jeremy Galten

Bertuccelli Design - Mechanical Engineer

Randal Bertuccelli

Bertuccelli Design - Design Engineer

Leah Bertuccelli

Office Manager

Leah Ormesher

Board Member

Joe Abrams

Board Member

Michael McGowan

Board Member

Joe Perry

Ergonomic Advisor

Dr. Anthony Andre