Do your employees hold tablets for extended periods of time?

Let The Wingo Case be your Ergonomic Solution

The estimated net spend of these procedures for USA based corporations
$80 Billion Dollars

Hard Shell Cases

Hard Shell Cases are great for protecting your tablet but lack in the ergonomics department. Using the tablet requires a firm unnatural grip that puts added strain on the wrist and forearm.

Sleeve Style Cases

A sleeve style case is the next best option, providing both added protection and a place to hold your tablet. However, many positions still require the user to grip the tablet and viewing must be done by twisting the wrist.

The Wingo Case

Our case provides both added protection and a design that fits your natural posture. Holding a Wingo case is done by simply sliding a wing between thumb and index finger. The tablet will then naturally sit against the palm of the hand during any standard use. Reducing strain on the wrist and forearm while providing a clear line of sight.

"Holding my phone or tablet for an extended period of time has always been a struggle. That all changed when I tried the Wingo!"

~ Melissa Calvert
Bend, Oregon

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