Truly ergonomic. Truly comfortable.

The WingoCase was created with the user in mind. By combining intelligent design and ergonomic science, we have developed a case that increases comfort and reduces strain in the hand, wrist, and forearm.

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WingoCase with wings open

Designed for comfort

The WingoCase patented design includes four independent and easily deployable wings that unfold from the back of the case to fit your natural posture.

Each wing is adjustable

Flexes to fit any grip

Each wing can be positioned at any angle to provide maximum comfort and functionality.

photo of the back of the WingoCase

Lightweight but durable

The hollow-core protective shell is durable but only weighs six ounces.

wings folded elegantly into the case

Sleek & elegant

All four wings completely fold into the back of the case when not deployed.

A single open wing works as a stand

Variable angle stands

Each of the wings can be used as a stand so however you want to display your device - portrait, landscape, flat or upright, the wings have you covered.
photo holding WingoCase with one hand

Holding the WingoCase with one hand is easy

Simply place the wing between your thumb and forefinger. The relaxed posture provides maximum comfort and keeps your wrist in a truly ergonomic position.

Photo of WingoCase being used as a stand

Works as a stand at any angle

Deploy any of the four wings and you immediately have a stand for your tablet. In addition, the wings can be easily adjusted to accommodate any viewing angle.

Holding WingoCase with two hands

Relaxed two-handed posture

The most common position when viewing your tablet for extended periods of time, deploy two wings and let your hands relax in an effortless position.

WingoCase is the most comfortable solution on the market for individuals that experience hand, wrist and forearm pain when holding mobile devices.

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