we are
Ambulant inc.

Our mission is to create the most comfortable mobile case ever designed.

By combining advanced ergonomics and contemporary style, we have created a case that will change how you use your device

Who Are We

Located in Bend, Oregon Ambulant Inc. is a team of designers, engineers, and ergonomists who are dedicated to creating products focused on comfort and ergonomics. With the rise of wireless devices being used everyday, we at Ambulant acknowledge the hand ailments and issues caused or related to long-term use of these devices. Ambulant’s first product, the Wingo, helps extend reading durations while relieving hand fatigue and preventing repetitive stress injuries by aligning the wrist into a more ergonomic position.

Founded on scientific principles and advanced ergonomics, the mission at Ambulant is to enhance mobile device comfort while bridging the gap between functional and fashionable design. Ambulant is dedicated to creating ergonomic-driven solutions for all the great new devices, that can unfortunately cause various hand and wrist ailments. The Wingo is a testament to this philosophy.

The Team