Our mission is to create the most comfortable mobile case ever designed.

By combining advanced ergonomics and contemporary style, we have created a case that will change how you use your device.

Meet WingoCase

WingoCase is a team of designers, engineers, and ergonomists dedicated to creating products focused on comfort and ergonomics. We love our wireless devices and we saw our friends and peers holding their devices for longer periods of time everyday. We also noticed that a lot of users started to complain about hand, wrist, and forearm pain as they were holding their devices. With that in mind, we developed WingoCase, the first truly ergonomic case designed to reduce hand fatigue and prevent repetitive stress injuries for mobile device users. Quite simply, WingoCase makes it easier and more comfortable to hold mobile devices.

Founded on scientific principles and advanced ergonomics, the mission at WingoCase is to enhance mobile device comfort while bridging the gap between functional and fashionable design.

Steve Elwell

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Elwell Brings expertise in strategy, marketing, sales leadership, and business development. He has held senior management positions and been part of three successful exits. He founded Global Medical Concepts in 2012 and accomplished a successful exit in 2018.

Cole McGowan

Chief Operating Officer

Cole McGowan is the Founder and COO of Wingo Case. Mr. McGowan brings expertise in strategy and marketing, having worked previously at Accenture in management consulting. He founded Ambulant Inc. in 2013.

Mark Freeland

Executive Vice President Sales

Mr. Freeland brings eighteen years of experience developing and managing sales teams with early stage ventures in a variety of sectors including healthcare and the food industry. Mr. Freeland has been part of the executive team with his two previous ventures in addition to a not-for-profit venture focused on broad based health initiatives.

Maarten Dinger

Chief Development Officer

Mr. Dinger is deeply experienced in product development and engineering. He works as the Senior Director of Industrial Design at Element Science, a medical device manufacturer.

Randal Bertuccelli

Principal Engineer

Mr. Bertuccelli has been providing professional design services in the medical and consumer product segments for over 20 years, including products in segments such as medical ultrasound systems and transducers, radiation oncology, kidney dialysis, consumer electronics, computer and gaming devices.

Dr. Anthony Andre

Ergonomic Advisor

Dr. Andre is the founder of Interface Analysis Associates, a human factors and ergonomics consulting firm. Dr. Andre, along with his staff at IAA, have evaluated, tested and designed over 400 consumer products and human interface systems.

Michael McGowan

Board Member

Michael has been a member of fifteen exchanges over the past 30 years and founded a derivatives trading firm making markets on options for commodities and stock arbitrage. As a Certified Financial Analyst, he was responsible for the quantitative pricing models used to assess relative valuation in volatile global markets. Since 2000, he has focused on investing, with $20 million raised for start-up ventures, both in technology and environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

Joe Perry

Board member

Joe offers a broad base of experience including strategy, sales leadership, and partnership development. Joe was the Founder of Remedy Interactive prior to its acquisition by Enviance in 2015. Over his 15-year tenure at Remedy Interactive Joe served as President, Sales Leader and Leader of Business Development. While there he successfully closed several multi-million dollar deals with Fortune 50 companies, including HP, Chevron, BP, Disney and Microsoft.